Introducing MySQLMySQL is a Management System Database (DBMS) running under Linux and Windows. Since version 3.23.19, MySQL is licensed under the GPL (both under Linux than Windows), which means it can be used freely.

Download MySQLMySQL for Windows is available free for download on the site

Website File (Windows 95)

The second file is only useful if you have Windows 95. You will install the required dll files, that is to say, to install ODBC drivers MySQL.

Installing and RunningThe installation is not complicated, just read the instructions on the screen.

Once installed, the launch of MySQL is from a MSDOS window by launching mysqld (or mysqld-opt) or mysql-shareware (depending on your version) with some parameters.

- language = French allows, for example, for MySQL the messages in French.
- skip-grant-tables can not use the MySQL privileges (avoids having to create users locally).
- skip-name-resolve not resolve hostnames.
- port = 3306 to clarify the port number.
Here is an example command line to start MySQL: c: \ mysql \ bin \ mysqld-opt - skip-name-resolve - skip-grant-tables
 - language = French - port = 3306   To exit MySQL: C: \ mysql \ bin \ mysqladmin-u root shutdown  It may be practical to create two batch files (extension . bat) In the bin directory of MySQL (c: \ mysql \ bin) Cmysql.bat and fmysql.bat, for example, and insert the two lines of command to avoid having to enter the command line every time I start or close of MySQL.