MySQL Workbench allows the DBA, developers or architects databases to design, build and visually manage all types of databases, including Web, OLTP applications and data warehouses. It includes everything a data modeler needs for creating complex ER models. It also offers key functions allow you to perform difficult tasks of management and documentation of change, which usually require much time and work.


You can find this tool here:


If you export a database myisam and want to get the data model with Mysql Workbench you will have no link between tables is normal myisam there is no foreign key (foreign key), if your database is in mysql innodb any concern you have links.

Retrieve your database:

You must extract your base. Sql you can do with phpmyadmin or command line mysql

Upload your. Sql in mysql workbench:

Having installed and launched Workbench click File top left, then Import, Reverse Engineer Create Mysql Script